KDV-7 is an automatic bottle packing line with the function of air clean, counting & capping. This machine has been designed to be a sophisticated automatic bottle packing line for health foods or pharmacuetical products which are in capsule, tablet or pill form...etc. Complete bottle cleaning, accurate counting, perfaect capping & monitoring-system, G.M.P. standard, make this the best choice of all auto-counting & capping bottle lines available.

1.The turntable, conveyor, hopped, shell and surface plates are mode of stainless stell to meet G.M.P.requirement.
2.A full line surveillance system is provided for thorough tracing.
3.This is an automatic packing line to save the effort of 5-6 operators.
4.The automatic line may improve highly the packing pace.
5.Capsule, tablet, pill and other shaped product can be packed.
6.The cap type could be either screw in or press on.
7.Warning system to indicte the shortage of bottles, products and caps.
8.Computerized counting system plus stable sensor result in perfect counting accuracy.
9.Compact alignment line is very simple to operate and maintain, only one operator required.
10.Very flexible line to adjust from one size bottle to another size bottle within 20 minutes.
11.Very flexible and easy to change parts for different types of cap

Turn  table:

Feed the bottle into the conveyor.

Capping Machine:

Very flexible to change from one type of cap to another type of cap.
It can be applied for screw cap or press on cap.


Cap transfer:(Option)

To pull automatically the caps inside the drum on to the cap feeder.

Desiccant dispencer:

Dispences bag desiccant into bottle before capping.

Bottle cleaner: (Option)

Before the bottle enter the counter unit, a tube enters the bottle with pressurized air to blow out dust and the vacuum is applied simultaneously to collect the particles and dust.


Batch counter, KDC-101:

The stable precision counter offers excellent accuracy counts. The machine with 2 batch counter KDC-101 can speed up the production

Capacity Rf.

50 PCS/Bottle
100 PCS/Bottle
500 PCS/Bottle
Tablet Ø5
5,000 Bottles/HR
3,000 Bottles/HR
700 Bottles/HR
Tablet Ø10
3,800 B/HR
2,900 B/HR
400 B/HR
Capsule #0
1,800 B/HR
900 B/HR
180 B/HR
Capsule #4
3,200 B/HR
1,600 B/HR
320 B/HR


Power Supply
AC 220V 5Hp Single phase
Bottle Size
Max Ø90m/m
Min Ø20m/m
Product Range
Capsule #00-#5 Tablet Ø4-Ø22m/m other product
Compreess Air
5kg/cm² (Bar) 4,000L/HR


Machine Size
540x300x170 (H)cm
Packing Size
Net Weight
Gross Weight