The KDS-800 is a high speed strip packing Machine and has been designed to pack capsules, Tablts or similar paroducts.
The basic simplicity operation offer wide range product ond high quality strip sealing


  • Automatic feeding, sealing, slitting and cutting are done simultaneously. Therefore, its efficiency is high, meaning production cost is decreased due to reduction of labor cost.
  • The exterior of the machine is made og stainless steel which makes it easy to be cleaned and meet G.M.P.
  • Compact and constructed simply, the machine cab and its be maintained easily, operates with low noise downtime is low.
  • When packing operation is completed, the product shall be absolutely sealed and beautifully looked at. This certainly promote the quality of the product.
  • It is easy to operate and anyone can learn the operation instantly.
  • The mold/die can be easliy replaced within 40 minutes.