Brief Introduction
Model CAC-60 automatic cartoning machine (carton folding ~ f i l l ing ~ packing ) Can be used for different types of commodities and various sizes of square paper boxes/cartons It is specially design to accommodate highly flexible and easy usage of capacities. Machine is made of aluminum alloy with anode treatment. Rust proof with long lasting life cycle and clean. Machine itself is a very small volume and it does not take up much space.

Operational Method:
Material for packing is put in to the track-way and past transmission belt to packing station. Electric eye switch will investigate packing supply and will accumulate up to enough quantity and the machine will automatically start operation. When the packing supply does not continue feed-in, the machine will stop supplying cases. It will wait until packing supply continue to fold in the supply. Then only the machine will start again supplying cases. It will not happen to have empty packing. It can save a lot of manpower to operate manually or cost. And also save the problem of labour shortage. Automatic folding/packing cases machine is usually set at a production speed of 20 cases per minute. The highest speed can reach up to 50 cases per minute. (Vary according to various sizes of packing supply~volume.)

Model KDM-700:
smallest carton size: 30m/m x 15m/m x 15m/m
largest carton size: 200m/m x 80m/m x 80m/m
Production speed: 20-50 carton per min.
Power supply: 110/220V; 50/60 HZ
Motor horsepower: '/:HP DC MOTOR
Vacuum-press consumption: 5kg.
Machine measurement: L 1940m/m x W 1540m/m x H 1580m/m
Machine weight: 500 kg.

Special installation:
1. Stam ping Device
2. Leaflet drop-in i nstal ration
3. Automatic feeding device
4. Extra set of change parts for second set or more.