1. Adopt single axle adjusting piston, the request filling volume can be adjusted quickly and precisely.
2. The piston and liquid contact parts are made of stainless steel and treated   with hard chrome plating to strengthen the hardness on surface.
3. Automatic feeding bottle, positioning and operation are controlled automatically.
4. The automatic capping is designed according to the sealing mouth of screw cap. The fastening (sealing) range can be adjusted according to the material of cap.
5. With safety device, machine will stop automatically when bottle fell down or   not in correct position during use the hand-wheel.
6. When specification of the bottle is changed. It only needs so change starwheel. The height can be adjusted also. It is very easy to wash & clean.
7. Adopt stepless speed variation motor, the operation speed can be adjusted freely.
8. It can be run individual or connected with automatic labelling machine and automatic cartoning machine to complete the whole line running in one line production.
9. The Monoblock machine is designed for automatic filling, inner plugging and over-capping onto small containers, most suitable for eye-drop and small volume injectable liquid production to meet with GMP standards.
10. Size range of bottle: Min. 19mm~x45mmH ~ Max. 30mm~x62mmH.

Suitable for eye-drop bottle, cosmetic, pharmaceutical chemical liquid etc filing, plugging and over-capping operations.

Model Type: KDL-980
Filling Volume: 5c.c. ~ 60 c.c.
Speed: 35 - 80- bottles/min.
Motor: 1 HP & 60W
Air Pressure: 4 - 6 kg (Prepared by buyer)
Electric Power: 220V/380V, 50/60 Hz
Machine Dimension: (L)1175mmx(W)1050mmx(H)1400mm
Machine Weight: 850 kgs
Optional Bottle Feeding Devices:
a). Turn-Table - For Glass Vial or Plastic Bottle.
b). Vibrator- For Plastic Bottle.
**Specification & design subject to change without notice.