A desired capacity can be quickly and precisely acquired as the machine adapt a single axis adjusting piston. The contact parts with liquid of pump are made of stainless steel and piston, cylinder are hard chrome plated to enforce the surface hardness.
Bottle feeding, position are operated pneumatically,different bottles are workable by a simple adjustment. A safety device is attached to the machine to stop the running automatically in case of any fell down of bottle or during the running by hand-wheel. Surface are made of stainless steel for easy clean.

The buffering device permits the less friction of mechanism, so as to prolong the service life of machine. A stepless speed variable motor is used for freely speed adjustment.
This machine can be run independently or connected to automatic capping machine, automatic labelling machine for a complete integrated automatic operation.
Filling nozzles fall down into bottle to fill with automatic control for
No-Bottle No-Filling
Machine with piston filling design, with bottle feeding, positioning in line to meet with G. M. P standard.


Suitable for filling various liquids, such as: medicine, soft drink, soybean sauce, chemical, shampoo, cleaning solution etc.


Filling Capacity
 5cc - 60cc 
 30cc- 150cc 
 100cc - 500cc 
 30~50 pcs/min
Motor Power
 1/2 HP
Source Power
 110/220V  60/50Hz
Maching Dimension
Machine Weight
Air Press
 3-6 kg