The series machines are: automatic capsule filling machine, blister packing machine, batch counter, capsule polishing machine, capsule and tablet inspection machine, strip packing machine, hard gelatin capsule making machine, and sofe gelatin encapsulation machine
    KDF-6 has been designed and devloped to fill hard gelatin capsules with powder or pellets. It is an extremely durable and reliable machine that fills dosages to the highestaccuracy. It can be applicable to the widest range of capsules at all sizes and to all manufacturers and guarantee the intgrity of all capsules.


1.The housing and surface are covered with stainless steel 304. All contact parts of medical poders are made from a corrosion resistant stainless steel 316.
2.Parts are made by CNC computer machine. All parts are standardized and easy to substitute.
3.Capable of filling 6 capsules at a time with operation from 10 stations. Accurate operation for orientation, opening, filling, joining and ejecting of the capsules.
4.Compulsory spiral feeding in the powder hopper to ensure powder feeding and filling.
5.Dual capsule-opening design to ensure all capsules are opened.
6.Electrical impact protection device to prevent any further damage. The machine will stop automatically in the event of collision.
7.Safety Sensing System to shut the machine down automatically in the event of problems when no capsules, no powder, door is opened, and abnormal load for the machine are detected.
8.Automatic vacuum removal of the air in the dosing tube to give more accurate weitht of the filled capsules.
9.Exclusive dosing tube system, temperature of the powder will not rise during the filling process.
10.Adjustable compression piston in dosing trube to adjust the powder volume without change parts.
11.Easy to change the molds without alignment. A person without experience can change the molds within 30 minutes.