In 1971, we have manufactured Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine, Automafic capsule filling machine, Blister Packing Machine for capsule and tablet, Counting Machine for capsule and tablet, high speed Automatic Strip Packing Machine for capsule and tablet ...etc. And, we have the ability to develop new products that will meef customer specific request. In fact, we are specialist and experience for producfion of capsules and capsule's series of machine, which is seldom seen in the world.


KDE-300 Fully Automatic Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine is the most popular Soft Gelatin Capsule making machine in the world; and more than 90% of soft gelatin capsules in the world are produced by this kind of machine, which had been modified by QUI technics and experiences to the KDE-300. The features of fhe machine are:
1. All parts and components in contact with gelatin ribbon and medieal solutions are made stainless steel or chrome plating thus meeting G.M.P. requirement.
2. Gelatin ribbon making and filling with sealing operation can be completed on the same machine.
3. Step/ess control for encapsulation machine.
4. Easy for operation.
5. High productivity.
6. Simple construction for maintenance easilv.


The overall soft gelatin capsule process starts from the gelatin that is melted and de-bubbles via the gelatin tank, then mixing formula and color. Through the encapsulation machine, the melted gelatin solidify to the gelatin ribbon which the medical solutions are filled and sealed; then cutfing,formed into soft gelatin capsules. The soft gelatin capsules send to tumbler dryer via conveyor for shaping. After that, carry to fhe drying room for complete drying. Finally, soft gelatin capsules can be inspected and packed after the oily stains are removed from surface through the cleaning machine.

Apply to filling all substances which can not be melted in the water. They are ideal for encapsulation of a multitude of products, including Vitamins, Herb's, Drugs, Cosmetics, Lubricants and adhesives.


ROUND 45,200
ROUND 37,500
OBLONG 32,500
OBLONG 32,500
OBLONG 23,000
OBLONG 18,280
OVAL 32,760
OVAL 32,760
OVAL 23,760