Cylindric Desiccant

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Cylindric desiccant
is a cylindric-shaped plastic housing into which silicagel is filled, and covering a ventilated card on the top. The moisture adsorption capability of this cylindric desiccant can replace 100% of the bag desiccat thus making the product to be more better appearance, clean and the packing to be more beautiful for enhancing the added value of the product. On the other hand, it will show the high guality of products, and enhance enterprise image.

Apply to adsorb moisture and to preserve the products such as medicines, foods, health foods, optical instruments, precision electronic equipment and ..etc.

1. No direct contact with the medicine thus meets G.M.P.standards.
2. Easy to dispense to the containers.
3. Can be fixed on the bottle caps thus saving the space and facilitate fetch the products from bottle.
4. Can be loaded automatically into the bottles by the automatic production line.
5. Enhancing image of the product.

1. Automatic counting & capping M/C. model KDV-7.
2. Automatic count & container feed. model KDV-3.
3. Batch counter model KDC-101.
4. Cylindric Desiccant Dispensers.
5. Strip Pouch Dispensers.


Item Diameter Height Content N.W. G.W.
1 gm Ř15 m/m 12 m/m SiO2 1 gm 1.5 gm
3 gm Ř20 m/m 20 m/m SiO2 3 gm 3.9 gm